Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Keep Swimming...

Happy National Dance Day!

Here is the link to MormonMessages on youtube - there are TONS of videos on there.

And here is a very inspirational tumblr - just good, happy pictures and quotes.

Goodness. I feel so inferior at times - there are so many absolutely stunning people around me: at school, on the internet, old friends - I just don't compare. They are so bold in their beliefs, so honest and steady in their actions and so sure of themselves. Hopefully, with time and effort, I will be able to reach their level. I have so many things that I need to work on - procrastination, other forms of responsibility, self-confidence, health, goal-keeping, kindness, integrity, anger, humor, attitude, thinking before speaking, hypocrisy, and so much more.

God's 3 Answers to Prayer:
2)Not yet.
3)I have something better in mind.

That is just so wonderful  - even if you feel as if you have been ignored or put down, really everything life hands you is for your benefit, and He always knows what's goin' on. Just because we think we know what is supposed to happen, it doesn't mean we are right.

And I really like this quote:
"Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you no one would believe it."

 - - + - - - + - - + - - - + - -

Hopefully, she doesn't mind me putting this link, but a girl in my stake has a fantastic blog with very inspirational goodies; here is one of my favorite posts:

"We have grown up hearing the timeless cliche, 'just be yourself.' That is a powerful statement. Few generations have been allowed such freedom of individual expression. If you want to be a punk, go for it. Valley girl? Right on. The only thing you can do wrong is not to be yourself.

So what if you want to be yourself, but you have lost sight of who you are?

Most of us have also heard the cliche, 'When it rain, it pours.' Sometimes life pours problems so persistently and so hard that it quickly turns into an ocean you find yourself struggling to swim in. It takes all concentration to just keep your head up out of the water. All familiar objects are drowned, and the guideposts you marked to help you gain bearing over your surroundings are now covered in the water. You frantically tread water, just hoping, praying, you can wait until the sun comes out and the water sinks back into the dirt. Hope. Pray. Hope. Pray. It is an exhausting cycle. It rains harder. The sun sometimes comes out, basks your face in warmth to remind you that you can make, clouds pass, normalcy returns. But what do you do until the water is gone? Sometimes your strength is gone. Sometimes it is just to much.

Water, much like the problems life throws at us, spurs growth. But water, much like the problems life throws at us, drowns out fire. It drowns the spark.

When you reach that point, just keep treading water. That's all one can do. One cannot control the sky, cloud coverage, or the inches of rain that fall. One cannot control when the sun comes out and how long it stays. The only thing one can control is if they sink or swim.

I choose to swim."

the picture isn't working. oops.

Meet Emily.
We used to be in the same ward, but then I moved and she sneaked off to college. This girl I have always looked up to. She is so naturally beautiful, so kind, smart, funny, and just the sweetest person. I wanted to dress like her, have the same friends as her, and she was the perfect older sister to her plethora of siblings. I haven't seen her in years, and we weren't even super close, but she is just one of those people you never really forget. She will always be an example to me, and I am creepily-facebook-stalking-slash-rooting-for-her-to-get-married-already-cause-she-is-just-so-dang-perfect-and-I-can't-believe-she-doesn't-have-boys-lining-up. 


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Full House

Happy Eeyore's Birthday Day!!!


Man I miss Full House. Probably my favorite show. I also am kinda/seriously obsessed with the Olsen twins, and that particular fanning has been goin' on since I was five.

Any good T.V. shows that I am missing out on? I'm not big on T.V. anymore, but I will look into somethin' if it is recommended to me.

Listen to this song. Enjoy it.

I found this 'about me' on Tumblr:
1: Apart from tumblr, what do you like to do in your spare time?
     -I like to read, creep on Facebook, sing, go on walks, and go for long random drives.
2: Name a favorite of each: food, drink, color.
     -BREAD, MILK, blue
3: If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on?
     -CLOTHES and other thrifted ish (yes, if I had that much money I would still thrift)
4: Name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show.
     -The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, She's the Man, 24
5: If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do?
     -Ferb; and I don't know what we would do, he kinda makes it up as he goes along
6: Name a LEAST favorite of each: food, drink, color.
     -Veggies, orange juice, pink
7: What do you spend most of your money on?
     -Clothes and random ish that I don't need
8: What kind of clothing do you prefer wearing?
    -Comfy clothes: understand, this changes based on the situation. Maybe I am most comfortable in sweats for one thing, but I would feel very out of place without heels in another.
9: Name a LEAST favorite of each: book, movie, tv show.
    -Time Cat (read about ten pages in 3rd grade and I am never goin' back), Pixar ish, and Nick @ Nite
10: If you were sat on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do?
    -Try to talk normally and not be too annoying.
11: What is the strangest thing you have in your room? (You are not allowed to explain why you own it.)
    -Plastic grass.
12: What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you have. (Weird, not bad. No nail biting or any of that nonsense.) 
    -I put the "juice" from a can of corn on my potatoes.
13: What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself?
    -"You think you are so good -" Something like that. Honestly people, I know very well that I have problems.
14: What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house?
     -A Room of Requirement (a zero-gravity chamber, a secret passageway to Disneyland, a place where time stops, etc.), a mall (no $ required), a HUGE bathroom, a room full of chocolate, and all natural-lighting.
15: If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why?
     -WOLF!!!! I just love how beautiful they are, and it seems like such a good life - running in the woods, protecting your pack, and just being one big happy family. Or a dragon. That'd be legit.
16: Which band (current or past) would you want to go on tour* with? (*Travel with, not preform with.) 
     -The Killers or Owl City (I know, not a real band... whatever)
17: Name a favorite of each: band, album, song.
18: Why is your favorite band your favorite?
     -Owl City: he is just so good. He is a good musician, good person, and has good music.
19: How many concerts have you attended? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? If none, who do you want to see live the most?
     -None - some techno or dubstep - not sure who yet, maybe Benny Benassi or Bassnectar.
20: What is one of your favorite song lyrics? (Who is it by?)
     -If I was a grain of sand
      Would you be Miami Beach
      So dusty with starlight
      Close your eyes a cuddle close to me
21: Who do you ship?
     -Dramione <3
22: What band merch do you own? If any, whose is it and when did you get it? If none, whose do you wish you owned?
     -None - Hymnfir
23: How did you learn of the band(s) that is currently your favorite?
     -Radio & meh brohah
24: What celebrity do you idolize the most?
     -Julie Andrews
25: Which member from which band would you most want to lather in nutella?

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the life of Kai!


WingErised107 | MidnightFeather7372

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!!

I'm in a magical mood, so... HARRY POTTER TIME!

First off, “Gryffindor and Slytherin share competitiveness and strong wills. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw share a more calm nature. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff share friendly, outgoing personalities. Slytherin and Ravenclaw share a desire for truth and knowledge. Hufflepuff and Slytherin share a strong camaraderie aspect. Ravenclaw and Gryffindor share an independent streak. In many ways, we are more alike than we think.”

Me gusta. It really puts each house in a new perspective. Also, stop hatin' on Slytherin. I am a mutt Slytherin/Ravenclaw hybrid, and proud of it!

To explain my unique situation, I will start at the beginning.
Many moons ago, I was selected to be a beta user in Pottermore - and bless my sneaky, conniving soul, I answered the placement questions in a way that would guarantee I would be in Slytherin. Now, understand, it isn't as hard as J.K.Rowling would have you believe - simply choose riches and power when those are the options. Also, I do consider this a valid evaluation, because how Slytherin of me is it to manipulate the test into placing me in Slytherin? Pretty sneaky, pretty sneaky. After all, Slytherin's are known for going to great lengths to achieve our dreams.

Anyway, when Pottermore was opened to the public, I created a second account to see what house I would belong to if I answered the questions naturally. And, what do ya know, I got Ravenclaw, the house that I had always thought I would get into when I was 11. (I had a crazy obsession with the color blue back then.)

So. That's my story.

But remember, I have trust that you will keep it hush-hush - I don't want my friends knowing that I'm not exactly a pure-blood...

I kinda have a thing against Hufflepuff - I won't say mush more than that, for fear of offending any crazy badgers.

True dat.

I'm afraid I can't beat that.

La Princessa!

Meet Cindi - this lovely gem is one of the sweetest, funniest people on this planet. She has a way of connecting with everyone - like, everyone feels comfortable around Cindi. I have known her for my entire life, and she has always been there for me. She is so beautiful, and that is one thing I remember that I thought from my wee toddler years until now. She is just such a good person and very strong too. I can always count on laughing when talking to her, and she just lifts my spirits.
Love you!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

kafe flokët kaçurrel

Happy Hug an Australian Day!

So, I am in desperate need for a haircut - but I don't know what I should do. I would love to "keep things natural", but honestly my hair is just impossible. It is not really curly or straight, and it doesn't hold either very well when I try to style it. Any advice? I have a secret desire to be a brunette, curly, long-haired gal, but that's not gonna happen. I have been thinking about getting a perm for over a year now, but I'm not sure what to do.

Hair me gusta:

Anywhooooo... Isn't amazing how much you can learn from fiction? Someday, I want to make a collection of all the quotes and nuggets of wisdom folded in the pages of the fantasies I read. Amazingly enough, most of my role models in life I find in make-believe characters rather that people I know.

Some other projects I wanna complete:
-a book of fables
-singing all of the hymns for PP
-learning to sew
-learn piano & guitar
-make a healthy cookbook, and an unhealthy cookbook... muahaha

So, when I was younger, I was OBSESSED with Aaron Carter... So, in honor of my first crush, here's a rockin' video:

Presenting... your royal highness, Princess Abigail Mckenna.

Meet Abby, my perky, beautiful, best friend. She is amazingly talented, both in the arts and in academics. She has such a loving and friendly personality, and I honestly think it is impossible for anyone to even have the slightest grudge against her. She is everything I want to be: kind, easy-going, funny, honest, responsible, and very strong. That's not even counting all of her beautiful physical features - but, let's not focus on my jealousy for now, 'kay? She has mostly the same interests as me, and I am so grateful that I have this lovely lady for my sister. Love you missy!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whaaaaatcha Doooooin'?

It's a toss-up:

Either "Happy Hug a Plumber Day!" or "Happy World Penguin Day!"

Which will be the victor?!


So... whaaaaatcha doooooin'?

I was going to simply spew out a load of random junk, (I'm kinda in a spew-out-random-junk-mood) but instead I googled quotes. Nice, huh?

Albert Camus once said, "An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself." 

Now maybe I am not "intellectual" enough to understand this quote, but to me it represents the person I am trying to be - someone who watches what they say, molds what they think, disciplines themself, assesses their actions, and is observant of their mistakes, other's mistakes, their success, and other's success.

Robert Frost once said, "A person will sometimes devote all his life to the development of one part of his body - the wishbone."

Does this apply to you? I know that often enough I am in that same circumstance, wishing, wishing, and wishing some more. Daydreaming toes the line between being hopeful and being foolish. As the greatest man alive once said, "It does do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." In the movie, The Secret, they mention that one key to achieving your dreams is to visualize and have a physical reminder of your goal. For example, if you really want that new Ford Fusion, print off a picture and place it in a place that you will see often. Don't make it an item of worship, but keep your goal in sight. In my case, I lose motivation very quickly, either because my reminder wasn't noticeable enough, I got sidetracked, or I made compromises with myself. Give me an inch, and I'll circle the globe. I am hoping that this blog will act as a reminder to me of my other commitments, even if I do not specifically mention them here.

Now... for the princess of the day!

Meet Lindsey. This girl right here has been my inspiration ever since I first met her. She is a smart, funny, and very kind gal. She is very easy-going, very responsible, and a very good friend. She makes you feel wanted and sticks up for what she believes in. Lindsey is very mature and so, so beautiful. I want to thank her for always making me feel like I was someone interesting to be around, even though I know that I am not the most social butterfly. She just has this aura around her that makes you want to be better, and she will be someone that I will remember even after high school.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Happy National Teach Your Children to Save Day!!!!

Man, what a great holiday! I am pretty good at saving - when I have the motivation. Otherwise, money slips out of my fingers faster than you can sneeze.

Do you enjoy sneezing? We had this debate in choir today, about whether or not sneezing is enjoyable. I for one, think it is pretty dandy. It doesn't require much effort, and the satisfaction afterwards is amazing.

Today was a nice day. I started out in a bad mood, but then I kind of slapped myself in the face and tried to be positive. I had a Solo and Ensemble contest-ish-thing, and it wasn't that big of a deal, so I wasn't too nervous. Unfortunately, the feedback given to me by my judge was exactly what I had been focusing on during rehearsals, Centerstage, choir, and voice lessons lately, so I guess I need to try harder.

Here's to a cute video:

If you wanna know more about Mormon temples from the point of view of a non-member, this article in the Huffington Post is very easy to understand, and fairly accurate.

Now about this beautiful girl:

Meet Anna, my best friend. I moved here in seventh grade, awkward, very afraid, and very alone. Right off the bat she took me under her wing and tried to help me open up. She is a very interesting person - kind, but stern, mature, but very, very childish. She has strong opinions and knows how to wrestle - but she is a sweetie and can befriend anyone. She has a gift for recognizing when others are in pain and she knows how to handle them - we always joke about how messed up her friends are, because she always ends up being the one to patch 'em up. 

Nice to meet her, the pleasure is yours. Seriously.

She is quite the princess.


National Princess Week

Happy National Princess Week!!

This week is a time to celebrate princesses - oooh so much fun!

First off, read this.

And go here.

Top 36 Reasons Why Aurora Is Better Than Any Other Disney Princess
by: Steve C. Liu

Why 36? This was written in 1995, Sleeping Beauty's 36th anniversary year.
Some of these items were r.a.d. in-jokes.

  1. Has not just one, but three fairies looking out for her
  2. Had neat codename, "Briar Rose", that worked for sixteen years
  3. Knows the danger of skin cancer, wore a shawl in the sun
  4. She's so great, it's forbidden to use her real name on merchandise
  5. The birds stop singing to hear her
  6. It's always spring when she's around
  7. No lipstick, her lips are naturally that red
  8. There is no number twenty-nine
  9. Had proper manners for a young lady
  10. Looks good in both pink and blue
  11. Had great birthday surprises
  12. Only princess who actually wore a royal crown
  13. Has insane fans willing to kidnap Eisner for her
  14. Who else had hundreds of people come just to pay homage to her?
  15. You just melt when she flashes that smile at you, *sigh*...
  16. Is caused by particles trapped in the magnetic field... Sorry, wrong aurora...
  17. Who else had her score written before the movie was made?
  18. Can fool you into thinking someone else sings for her (Right, Ed?)
  19. Didn't need to wear revealing "dresses" to get a man interested
  20. Maleficient doesn't even try to pretend to be good... Sorry, that's a top ten reason why Sleeping Beauty is the greatest Disney movie ever...
  21. Had those contacts which make her blue eyes seem brown
  22. "Au"rora, Sunshine gold hair, coincidence?
  23. Invisible choir follows her around
  24. She's harder to get, hence more valuable :)
  25. Brings the dawn each morning... Sorry, that's the goddess Aurora...
  26. Her curiosity never got her in trouble
  27. Her prince was ready to commit in a few minutes
  28. Didn't have a midnight curfew
  29. Can dance with an owl in a cape
  30. Love at first sight; no rescues, gifts or magic carpets.
  31. Not just a princess, she's a Crown Princess
  32. Fills your life with sunshine
  33. Has a mother who's still alive
  34. Was more successful pretending to be a peasant
  35. Didn't need books to spark her imagination
  36. Had the best looking blue dress! 

Next, watch this:

I love princesses. I love the idea of princesses. I love to think that every girl on this planet is royalty, that we all are regal, and divine, and daughters of a King. All of us have such amazing potential, for even the princess with knobby knees will blossom into the most amazing flower. I think that the true aura and power in princesses comes from within, which is something that we could all learn.

So stand tall! At least tell yourself that you are beautiful and soon enough you will believe it. Some of the most amazing girls I know may not be "pretty" by the world's standard, but I honestly did not notice - their personality was much more noticeable.

Here is to my favorite song - I cry practically every time I hear it:

Just remember who you are!

And I will try to post one "princess" a day!


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

Recently I have been concerned with goals and ish, so how incredibly amazing is it that in YW we had a lesson on prioritizing and the value of time? So, inspired by my recent resolutions and Morgan's fabulous teachings, I am going to add on to my growing list of goals.

-Eat healthier
-Eat less (I can be a bit of a pig sometimes)
-Read scriptures daily
-Make a list of priorities
-Write down my goals (check!)
-Dress better/put more effort
-Write down what kind of person I want my future hubby to be - and then try to meet all of my requirements. I can only expect of him what I can expect of myself.
-Get things done now. I am a pro at putting things off until later.
-Stop judging/comparing myself/being prideful.
-Decide what to do with my hair - cut it, perm it, or all of the above?

"Time is all the capital stock of the earth;... if properly used, it brings that which will add to your comfort, convenience, and satisfaction." - Brigham Young

As for the list of priorities, one formula is:

must do:
should do:
would like to do:

Te gusta?

We all brainstormed to find out why we waste time. As a group, we came up with: think it will bring comfort, not planning, procratination, lazy, not prioritizing --> no vision, getting distracted, etc. We get 86,400 seconds in a day - if each second spent wasted was a dollar not earned, wouldn't you want to live every second to it's fullest? I am trying to really enjoy my "younger years" because for the longest time all I wanted to do was grow up. With two older siblings who seemed to have it all, I desperately wanted to be where they were, away from my "kiddie" problems. Now, however, I am starting to develop a fear of getting older, which is both a blessing and a curse. I appreciate things much more now, but for obvious reasons being afraid of being independent and having saggy skin is not a good mindset.

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? I can remember to my pre-education years, and if I do say so myself, I was a very intelligent, very knowledgeable child. I am such a hypocrite at times, for I remember getting upset when I was little because the adults talked down to me, and yet I find myself forgetting that little eight year olds are as competent as I am now, at 16. Of course there are differences, but the eight year old doesn't know that, so why do I belittle them in that way?

Little kids are sneaky, they act all ignorant and crazy, while they really have many more emotions riding beneath the surface.

I was a very manipulative little girl. I would always get the blonde barbies, always get the hot water, always get to be the main character or the princess. Oh, the joys of being an older sister. Poor Abby, I would spew out the craziest garbage to make her believe that she was getting the better end of the deal.

Another of my favorite tricks was to "fall asleep" once we entered my neighborhood. It was just enough time to convince my parents that the slumber was authentic and guarantee me a ride to my room, free of charge.

Well, have a superb Sunday!


Saturday, April 21, 2012


Happy National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day!!!

Name that game! Anyone? Anyone? Well shucks, that's just too bad.

I'm not really in the mood for this, so I'm just gonna post a bunch o' links.

First off: the worst website known to mankind. Wattpad.
Reasons why I am in a love/hate relationship with Wattpad:
1) There are some terrible authors on there who must have never graduated elementary school
2) When you do find good stories it gets addicting. Waiting for updates, trying to finish the chapter - it gets pretty intense. Plus, since it is so accessible, it is easy to be distracted ANYWHERE.

Now for some more links:

Cyberchase. My childhood addiction.

Next to VMK of course.

Cute prank. Me gusta.

And finally, some Links...


Friday, April 20, 2012

Me Gusta #1

Happy DNA day! Er... that's different... Well, okay then.

Things I like:
long hair
short hair
cute clothes
ice cream
shaved legs
peanut butter
completed homework
bare feet
cosmo brownies
the sky
the Book of Mormon
high heels
the universe
little kids
big eyes
positive attitudes
hot wings
new things/places/experiences

-high waisted pants-

-thrift stores-


-these beautiful colors-

Current thoughts: Life is good. It is difficult, but it is good. So just enjoy the trials, never rush, don't waste a second, and if things are hard, don't get too stuck in the moment - everything will resolve in the end.

Current quote:"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell

Current cravings: A tan. Yes, I am being swayed by the fads and my peers, but it is getting kinda annoying when none of my pictures turn out - at least my pictures with people tanner than me.

Current goals: Eat healthier. Eat less. Apologize to Abby for being crabby today. (Another example of my mad but not)

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everything At Once

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe’ —a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings, as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness." - Albert Einstein

Not only do we all work together and are interconnected, but I also feel inside of me like I have experienced more than I have. When I see someone jumping hurdles on the field or hushing a child in Target, a sense of familiarity overcomes me, even though I have never felt what it is like to compete in said sport or act a certain way. It's almost as if I have done that action, just in a past life or maybe another part of me has done it. Maybe the part of me that is connected to the world. To those around me. To the homeless man on the street, the awkward adolescent, the honking geese, the professional opera prima dona. I have done all these things, just not in "my" body. Through them, I have experienced everything our world has to offer.

And I mean it literally. I literally feel as if I have accomplished these actions, been in these situations.

I literally feel as if I am good at dancing or rugby or thinking deep thoughts.

Flying airplanes, going days without food, driving a carriage, sanding a table, having a photographic memory.

At times it can make me slightly depressed. I feel like I know what it is like to sing with that smooth, dark tone, or to have that lovely vibrato, but then I attempt it and I just wilt inside. It's like it is right there but I can't touch it.

It's not just singing. This feeling of being able to do it but not - it sometimes drives me insane.

The rest of his quote is as follows:

"This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” - Albert Einstein

There may not be much I can do about my crazy illusions. But I can always help others to reach their full potential and make life just a bit easier for them. I can make at least a bit of good in the world.

I have a strong belief that every action has a consequence. Everything is black and white. No gray. No matter if the question is how to treat a child or what shirt to wear, there is always one option that tops the rest. Maybe if only you had worn the purple top instead of the striped one, the kid behind you in Calc would have remembered to grab his purple folder for his presentation next period. Or maybe if you had used your bunny eraser it would have made some random girl across the room smile inside. Maybe she was having a bad day.

Of course there is no way to predict what the right choice is. But that doesn't mean that the better option doesn't exist.

Just some ideas to chew on.


P.S. Here is a quote from Tennis Shoes Series:

"You know? When I was a little kid I thought everything was totally black and white. I remember being so disappointed when I realized that everything was gray. As I've grown older, it seems I've been just as disappointed and struggled just as hard against the awareness that everything is really as black and white as I first thought it was."

P.P.S. And something that would be super duper fun - sometime I wanna roadtrip to random cities and put on a certain persona - like a stuck up snob, a confident goth, an insecure and quiet girl - just to see if I could do it. Can I be all of these people? No one would know who I am, so they wouldn't have any previous ideas of what I am like and they would be less likely to see through my disguise. Nifty, huh?

Trying Too Hard

Happy Get To Know Your Customers Day!

Here's a funny fact: I have this odd condition where I feel emotions, but I don't really feel them. 
For example, I am stressed because I may have missed an important deadline, but I actually only feel like 30% or less of what I say I feel/act. It is like I make myself believe that I am more frazzled than I am, simply because I feel that anyone else in my situation would be. Another example is anger. I have a bit too much fun being angry. It's not that I am too upset, but it is a) easier to keep being mad and b) I really don't know why I continue, I just go with it.

I think it's high time that I stop acting the way I feel society expects me to act - I know myself well enough to realize that if when I was younger I had not spent so much energy on "fitting in" (which, by the way, never happened) then I would be more mature and carry myself better. Oh well. I can only try to catch up to myself, but it is more difficult now.

Back to meh "stressful situation." I went through all this work to *hopefully* be a part-time PSEO student next year, but it didn't even cross my mind to check my mail for an acceptance. I have also been getting many spam letters from colleges, so I don't pay attention to anything I get anymore - in fact, most of it goes in the trash. Well, the other day I mentioned in passing that I need to take the placement test before I am officially in, and my mom thought little of it. Today though, she realized that I could have thrown away the letter, and luckily she found it in a pile of mail from Spring Break. 

Unfortunately, the priority deadline was four days ago.

I  might not get the classes I want.

Taught by whom I want.

When I want.

Which is a problem. I need to work my PSEO schedule around my high school schedule and vice versa. All I can do now is put my trust in God. I figure that He already had a hand in this though, because how incredible is it that my mom remembered something may be in the mail? Or that my letter was oh-so-conveniently not thrown away? I thought that I would not get the letter for a while, so it was the furthest thing from my mind. I thought I had time.

Great philosophy of life:

Amen to that. I have been trying to eat healthier, but my resolve today is quickly slipping through my fingers. I barely spare a backwards glance, though, because chocolate is just so yummy.

There had better be chocolate in heaven. And corn. And milk. And hoodies.

I wonder if there are accents in heaven. I mean, they can just be so dang cute, and I figure that whatever we are speaking could have variations.

"How are you Eliza?"

"Oh, Grace! I haven't seen you since before you were born! And is that a NW accent I hear? I'm just down the street on Ephraim Blvd. You should come over and speak your amazingly adorable accent for my entire family to hear. Let's see how many generations I can round up in an hour, and then you can recite Psalms for us, 'kay?"

Anyway, I will soon need to start uploading pictures of my very, very attractive, and very, very 90's pants and ish that I scrounged up at Goodwill. Me gusta.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy Pet Owners Independence Day!

So today my dear mother and I went shopping to find some costumes I need for Centerstage - unfortunately my brain tends to get distracted by all the funky patterns and big sweaters, so $60 later and I only have one actual "costume piece" to show for it. Darn you Goodwill, for having irresistible high-waisted pants and floral shirts! At least it was a good purchase. I don't think a single item will go to waste.

As of this second, I am procrastinating completing my math homework/studying. Hopefully, by the end of tonight, I will be the master of logarithms.

Another goal of mine: to create more smart study habits so that I will be successful in college (or PSEO if that happens.) I applied to our community college, and so now I just need to wait and see if they are willing to let me test in. It really just sounds nice to get some of my basic classes out of the way, and possibly even dabble in some Psychology or something.

I am reading a book by Orson Scott Card called Stone Tables. It is about Moses - it may or may not be accurate, but it is an amazing book. Sr. Card is my favorite author, as well as Brandon Sanderson. I am always in need of some good reads, so finding a solid author is my pot o' gold. I found a quote once that what you read is what you become, so maybe I will eventually become a righteous, extremely intelligent, manipulative, shy, boisterous, greedy, selfless, prophetic, ignorant, wise, creative, sparkly werewolf.

Here is to some cute girls who make cute videos:



Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Happy National Haiku Poetry Day!!!!

Blogging brings new sight
New friends and new addictions
Food, friends, quotes, and memes.

Te gusta? It took a lot of thought and energy, hopefully I will get an award or something.

Recently I have decided that I've got everything that I need right in front of me. Nothing's stopping me, there's nothing I can't be.

Attitude is everything. Really. I am a devout believer in the power of a positive outlook. So often we can't alter life, we can't turn the storm, but we can adjust our sails. We can be the bigger person in an argument and search for the solution that causes the least amount of harm to the other person. We can view our trials and limitations as fertilizer to help us grow.

For example, I have a social handicap. Nothing too serious and I don't want to complain, but I really feel limited and like I miss out on many opportunities because of it. However, I can also view this mind block as a tool to mold me into a more confident, capable person. Or, there is the chance that someone needs me and the only way I can touch their life is if I myself am in a lower position. I get to see both sides - I am the prince and the pauper.

Anyway, back to the attitude - I love President Monson's talk about living the abundant life - a life full of success, goodness, and blessings. He lists the ABC's to having an abundant life;

  • A - attitude
  • B - believe (in yourself)
  • C - courage

Often having a good outlook or being happy depends on you consciously deciding to have that mindset. You need to be open to ALL possibilities and believe that you can control yourself - act, don't be acted upon. It takes a lot of faith at times to be positive, for sometimes it can be difficult to recognize the good and you need to trust that it is there. My mom has this movie called The Secret, and it is all about the power that comes from positive thinking. Check it out sometime. Little things like having a picture to remind you of your goals or "expecting the best but preparing for the worst" can really turn around your whole disposition. Just remember that all things happen in God's time, not our own, and that what seems like the perfect plan to us may not fit into God's greater purpose for our lives.


Monday, April 16, 2012


Happy National Health Care Decisions Day!

Today has been a fairly enjoyable day. It has been one of those days where you have little hope for a good day but then your dreaded activity ain't so bad. I ate brunch for lunch, ran for 15 minutes, and perfected my jambo. I feel very accomplished.

As of today I am going to attempt a new routine: to read at least one Ensign article each morning and watch one MormonMessage before Seminary. Wish me luck? Also, one of my dear, perky, beautiful friends decided that we would have a texting triangle to remind each other of homework and scripture study. So I text Bev, Bev texts Gabs, and Gabs texts me. Get it? Easy and cheesy!

 I'm so grateful for the example that they set for me. Both of these girls are the most loving, warm daughters of God on this planet - they can make anyone feel comfortable and know how to show love. They are such huge role models, and I can only hope to be like them. It's okay though - I will learn.

Now for some important news:

1) The most angel-like person I know was just in a major car accident and fractured her neck. Luckily, she isn't paralyzed and will recover fully, but she also has a concussion and other issues so she is still in the hospital. For her privacy I will just leave it at that. Pray for her!

2) In only a few weeks I will be performing in our school's spring production! It is a modge-podge of pop, classic musicals, childhood favorites, and more! I'm super excited and this experience has really helped me to grow as a performer, and it is nice to do something after school again. I miss my costumers, but I am really grateful for this opportunity.
Now for my random thought of the day: Why is it so hard to do the things we know are right? Like, I know that I should read that chapter for science and it would literally take me only two minutes, but I never get around to reading that chapter. Or my personal weakness: goal setting. I can be so determined one minute, but then twenty seconds later and I give up. Reading that extra chapter or putting more meaning into our prayers does not require that much effort, so why do we treat it like we it is the most difficult task ever? I feel like the human mind is constantly adjusting our views of situations in order to keep us focused on the problems. For example, maybe we are in a relatively low-stress situation, but since there is no greater opposition, our minuscule problem suddenly transforms into a monstrous beast. Or if we have something big going on that demands our attention, those other issues fade into the background and our capacity for handling them increases, oddly enough.

What do you think?

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am a quilt maker. I patch together ideas and images, theories and my idle fantasies. So creating a blog based off of my own experiences, my own thoughts is probably more difficult than resisting that Cosmo brownie at lunch time. And that is near torture.

Welcome! My name is McCall and I am slightly unenthused to present this post to you today. However, one of my goals this year is to mold myself into the kind of woman I want to be, and I figure it will be easier to keep myself on track if it is in print.

I'm not entirely sure the direction this is headed, whether as a journal of sorts or a place for my loved ones to catch up on my shenanigans. I intend to grow during this experience though, so no matter what I will benefit.

To begin with, can I just say how much I love Bishop DuBois? (In case you don't know me I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.) We had a fireside today at his home, and I decided that Bishop DuBois is the sweetest, most loving person I have met. He has so much going on in his own life and yet he puts everything aside to serve. I can feel his love and I wish that he could know how much we all appreciate him. We as human beings are not the best at remembering to express ourselves at times. We can get so caught up in our own dramas or even mild thoughts that we don't realize to verbally acknowledge others and their contributions to our lives. We often assume that those around us know of our love or their talents, when in reality there is a chance that they don't know. And that is a very sad thought. Who knows the impact a simple "I love you" could have.

So how about this week we make a special effort to say what we know, kay?