Monday, September 16, 2013

best day ever

Happy Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day!

This must say a lot about my character that the only reason I am posting right now is because I was spoiled rotten this weekend.

But I don't care because basically I just had THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

That's not to say that all my other birthdays weren't fantastic in their own fantastic way, but this one just hit me outta the park.

What do you get when you mix surprise, Harry Potter, turning 18, and awesome older siblings? A verrrryyyyy happy McCall.

I FINALLY get home after a wonderful (yet long) day of school, lunch date with my Daddy, work with my Daddy, and a football game. Now picture this: A very bubbly just-now-adult is let off in the driveway, told by her father dearest that she is supposed to gather the mail. Now, this wonderful young woman waltzes her way towards the mailbox, when the vehicle that had just carried her home screeches into the garage, and with a *BANG* the garage door closes. What is the cause of this? The beautiful barely-legal adult ponders. She opens the mailbox to find but one letter. Not just any letter. Her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Oh the joy!

With her happiness meter at 394%, she whips out her phone to document the beautifully crafted letter, as this is the one piece of paper she has been waiting for her entire life.

She happily skips up to the front door, deducing from the odd behavior of her father that going in the garage entry would not be wise. With a smile upon her face, she opens the door to see that her home has been replaced with the outside of the Leaky Cauldron, and a fellow witch, or her awesome sister Abby, is there to help guide her through her the barrier into Diagon Alley.

McCall is led into the different shops, collecting items such as a cauldron, crystal phials, an owl, and of course, a wand. (Wand courtesy of her mother, who was filling in for Ollivander that evening.)

With her shopping complete, she is escorted to the Hogwarts Express, a proud Ford Freestyle, and they go on a journey to the nearby park where they pick up some additional passengers.

"Who?", might you ask?


Giddy with excitement and in awe that she is worthy of such a visit, the fledgling adult travels home with her additional companions. Once arrived, she is taken on a tour around Hogwarts, in areas such as the common rooms, the great hall, and the kitchens. They dine on the most exquisite fare, and McCall has a wonderfully full belly to go with her wonderfully full heart.

The next day, she is able to be sorted into her house, as well as her fellow classmates, and she is pleasantly not-surprised to find that she is in Slytherin. 

Following this, they all attend their classes, which include Potions (by none other than Professor Marissa), and Care of Magical Creatures (by Rubeus "Dad"rid). They watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone while sipping on butterbeer, and follow with gift opening and cake eating.

So there you have it.

The recipe to the best birthday a girl can have.

I was just so honored that my 18th birthday was occasion enough for Marissa & Justin to take their fledgling family on a trip across state borders - they can't even imagine how happy I am.

Thank you!

So many wonderful family members put so much time and effort into this party, and I am so grateful! Love you all <3


Monday, September 2, 2013

my boyfriend's back

Happy National Beheading Day!

This is my pre-end-of-the-world post.

Or my pre-last-first-day-of-school post.

They are kind of the same thing.

Basically I am stuck. I am super excited to continue with my life, to go to college, to do something for the world, but I am also very content being a child with no responsibilities and no payment plans to consider.

Being a kid rocks, FYI.

So here's to Senior Year. My last hoorah, my final year of coddling and minimal expectations.

Yesterday was my beautiful Mama's birthday, and in celebration we recreated the theme that we had ten years ago. For that birthday, we all performed songs from each decade of her life. This year, we "caught up" from the past ten years through recorded performances of the top hits in 2003 and up.

I am much too embarrassed to show the song from yesterday, but here is my little spotlight moment from when I was seven:

I got moves.