Friday, July 11, 2014


Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

Sad news.

I'm locking up this blog for good. I am grateful for the experience I gained, the memories I recorded - but it is time to move on.

Happy news.

I'm starting over at !

New blog. New style.

And this time, I'm going to make it journal worthy.

See you all soon!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

a note from the universe

Happy National Date Nut Bread Day!

There are many lovely little things in life. Small chocolates, witty jokes, ice cold water; often they come just when you need them most. I think that is the reason they are so lovely. It is much easier to appreciate something when you are in need of it, than when you are already satisfied.

Lately, I have been receiving notes from The Universe. Just little reminders every few days that tell me I'm special, my goals are being aligned for me, I have the support of the universe, etc. They maybe could be called silly, they are definitely simple, but they have made the world of difference.

You know why?

Even if you pretend not to, after a while you start to believe the message.

And you feel really good.

When it comes to having big dreams, McCall, I know it can feel like you're kidding yourself.
And when it comes to making big decisions, I know it can feel like you're all alone. 
Would it help you to know that you're a really big deal here? That you 've already moved mountains? That you will do even greater things than you can now imagine?
You crack us up,
     The Universe

Here is another little thing I love:


Goodness gracious they are beautiful. (That empty spot on the left is a place being saved for two friends who couldn't make it today.) Every single one of them is UBER talented, UBER beautiful, and I love them to bits.

Finally, I love little bursts of color, especially when contrasted to the white skies of winter. This beauty took place a few days ago, lasted for about three minutes, and then faded away into the twilight.



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

very merry

Happy Nobel Prize Day!


Surprisingly, I am loving winter this year. {Negative digits & all.} I have had a fairly crappy attitude about cold weather for a long time, and so I am pleasantly surprised to discover that when I stop moping around, winter is pretty amazing.

I LOVE Christmas, and now I LOVE winter. Life right now is swell.

I have an excuse to have hot cocoa everyday, cuddle in front of the fire, and when driving I pretend that I am in a picture print by Currier & Ives.

Everything is sweeter now that I recognize the time limit. Knowing that next year I will be away at college has helped me to appreciate events, activities, traditions, and people that may not be available for me on a college campus.

Love life & have a very merry holiday season!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Happy National Pizza-With-the-Works-Except-Anchovies Day!

Confession time:

I hate politics.

I hate needing to see the big picture, the small details, and the psychology of the entire world all at once. There are too many implications, too many relationships, and too many events for my little brain to handle. But at the same time, I love it. I love seeing the big picture, the small details, the psychology in life. I am fascinated with those areas, but for some reason the word "politics" is a major turn-off for me. I am enthralled with people, how & why we do what we do, where our problems lie, and what mistakes we keep making. I love analyzing situations and predicting the outcome of certain actions. I actually do love my government class that I am taking this semester, but the instant I see it in real time; when I hear a politician give an address, when I get a leaflet in the mail - I get a rush of emotions that are not that pretty.

I wonder if it is because politics aren't as romantic as I would like, or if it is because as a child I was surrounded with the general opinion that politics are icky.

On the romance side of it, I love intelligence. I love it when people are smart, when they can manipulate a situation to get a desired result, when they understand their peers well enough to find a connection. Not just a talent for kindness, but relations through intelligence. And in my ideal world, politicians are just that. Intelligent. And I'll admit, many are. But from there the romance stops. Their words seem empty and their charisma is too calculated. I sit here scratching my head, wondering how a system that is meant to be the heart and soul of America, our ability to have a say in our government, could be so terribly unattractive that from the time I can pronounce the silly word I already have the idea that it is something negative.

Now that I think about it, that is what I hate most. That something that is supposed to be revered, something that is meant to be a tool in our fight for freedom, is so casually abhorred and ridiculed. Even if it does get the respect it deserves, so many negative emotions are tied to politics. Anger, despair, resentment, pride - all are very powerful and very much laced within our political sphere.

I feel silly for blogging about politics, especially considering the fact that I know little to nothing. I guess I am just frustrated that I can't connect with something that has so many pieces that I love. As I said before, I love psychology, human relations, predicting and analyzing situations, etc. But in my head, politics are icky.

And it might stay that way for a while.

It helps when I see the regal side of politics - the genius that was required for the creation of our government, the skill used by those in positions of power to alter a society. But I am getting these juicy bits from a beginners' government course at the community college. Hopefully, after a time, I will be able to find an interest in today's politics.

I guess we'll see.


Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy National Sundae Day!

There is a power in three. The three musketeers, the three branches of government, the three times I just left the computer in the last five minutes to eat chocolate. Three is a pretty awesome number, and so I think that I want to start doing some THREEs. I am going to share three pictures, some with stories, some without. It's just a way to give a sneak peek about more in my life, without as much effort on my part.

Because I am all about the shortcut :)

On the 30th of October, there was the most beautiful fall day I have ever been blessed to see in my ENTIRE LIFE. I'm obsessed with fog, and so this misty day was pure heaven.

After my second performance of Guys & Dolls, I had some sweet carnations from some very sweet people. If you know the musical, you know the significance of the flower ;)

And this is just an old picture of my darling sister (you know, my best friend)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

my anthem

sister dates, part I

Happy National Feral Cat Day!

On Friday, I enjoyed Part I of my birthday present from Abby.





Basically, we were having enough fun to warrant Little Saul and the Breakingham Palace Crew.

Which, if you are well versed in the Phineas and Ferb world, you understand that we had a LOT of fun.

Our itinerary included a picnic, froyo from Sweet Toppings (aka the yummiest of the froyos), a lonngggg drive along random roads (while pretending we were on a roller coaster), a trip to Whole Foods, a lovely little walk, and playtime at a random park.

A lot of this day could be labeled as spontaneous adventuring, such as trying to find the furthest park, the strangest road, the most hipster food item at the grocery store.

It was crazy good.

 One of the three parks we went to ^

 My beautiful gem of a sister ^
(WARNING: the following pictures may be blurred due to the fact that they are action shots)

I'm a professional ^ 

This picture came about when we realized how epic everything looked upside down ^

Aannnnddddd then cliche pictures of the BEAUTIFUL sky. Look at that gold ^ 

The best part about these pictures is that I am much too lazy to edit, and so they represent the true beauty of that day.

I can't wait for our future dates!