Sunday, December 22, 2013

a note from the universe

Happy National Date Nut Bread Day!

There are many lovely little things in life. Small chocolates, witty jokes, ice cold water; often they come just when you need them most. I think that is the reason they are so lovely. It is much easier to appreciate something when you are in need of it, than when you are already satisfied.

Lately, I have been receiving notes from The Universe. Just little reminders every few days that tell me I'm special, my goals are being aligned for me, I have the support of the universe, etc. They maybe could be called silly, they are definitely simple, but they have made the world of difference.

You know why?

Even if you pretend not to, after a while you start to believe the message.

And you feel really good.

When it comes to having big dreams, McCall, I know it can feel like you're kidding yourself.
And when it comes to making big decisions, I know it can feel like you're all alone. 
Would it help you to know that you're a really big deal here? That you 've already moved mountains? That you will do even greater things than you can now imagine?
You crack us up,
     The Universe

Here is another little thing I love:


Goodness gracious they are beautiful. (That empty spot on the left is a place being saved for two friends who couldn't make it today.) Every single one of them is UBER talented, UBER beautiful, and I love them to bits.

Finally, I love little bursts of color, especially when contrasted to the white skies of winter. This beauty took place a few days ago, lasted for about three minutes, and then faded away into the twilight.



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