Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i'm radioactive

Happy National Baked Scallops Day!

The Choir California trip is in 10 days! I am getting very, very antsy. This means spontaneous dancing, long hours of looking at Disney pictures online, and an overall unproductive McCall. Basically, the perfect mixture for any already slacking student!

My case is not too bad I suppose. I mean, I am at least thinking about my yet-to-be-done homework.


For our spring music event, I was very honored to discover that I got a duet in our Les Mis piece. I will be singing for Cosette in One Day More, and I am SO excited. I have never felt like I was a very good singer, and I definitely never imagined that I would be able to sing this for this character when there were so many other more talented people. This is truly a little blessing from above.

Now, if you would be so kind as to watch this video:

Also, I would very much appreciate it if you would all lament with me about how I am going to be out of town when this comes out: