Sunday, June 16, 2013

butterfly kisses

Happy Ladies' Initiated in Baseball Day!

Aaand, happy Fathers Day :)

This summer, I am already getting something done!
Crazy, right?

I have successfully gone an entire week without forgetting to do a coding lesson! Everyday, I have gone to and completed one of the doo-hickeys in order to learn crazy computer ish.

I am pretty proud of myself.

Speaking of which, I am pretty proud of mi papi.

My daddy is the most interesting person I know. He has worked the strangest and most random jobs in his past, and 9 times out of 10 I find his opinions of the world as my own. We both share a love for literature, and I always go to him when I need help. He just happens to be perfect at everything he does, and he is a flawless model for what I want my future husband to be. He takes my mom out on dates every week, he is always chivalrous, and he tries so hard to make our lives as easy as possible.

I am always amazed at his quiet magnitude - does that make any sense?

He has this wonderful aura around him, and I am SO grateful that I was blessed to have the BEST father possible on this planet.

Thanks daddy.

Our song:
(Which Marissa stole for her wedding but it's okay I'm not bitter.)

We can just make it a family tradition or something.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

life is fantasmic

My sister, ladies and gentlemen:

Life Is Fantasmic: Life is Fantasmic: If you've ever been to Disneyland, Disney's Hollywood Studios, or Tokyo DisneySea you may be familiar with my favorite nighttime ...

spanish homework

Happy National Go Barefoot Day!
(my favorite holiday ^)

Today, I feel the need to address something:

I like to make bad decisions.

> I probably will not be able to explain this properly - in fact, I know I won't. <

But I love doing the wrong thing.

No action is simple. You can't just make a comment or even put on a shirt without a plethora of emotions and consequences attached. Every microscopic detail of our lives, every small piece of our world is constantly changing those around it and being changed itself. We live in a giant set of dominos, and even when we nudge one piece, thousands will tumble down also.

Back to my whole "me like bad" dealio, I often know perfectly well what the consequence is going to be, and what emotion I will be feeling in those moments. However, I ignore that and instead allow myself to inflict some degree of pain on myself.

"Why be so stupid?", you may ask.

Honestly, I have no clue.

I know that the problem exists, I am able to recognize this flaw in myself, and yet the same force that allows me to make these guided mistakes also allows me to prolong (and prevent) change. Now and then I make a few measly attempts to fix my ways, however in the long run I am not successful.

And where was my point in all of this?

Spanish homework.

I am 100% dedicated to avoiding my spanish homework.

I mean, who even in their wildest nightmares can imagine a world in which spanish professors force their bedraggled pupils to scratch out responses to topics that are hardly interesting to anybody?


The questions in this assignment are all about how we have changed over the past year, what we think of the grading system, who is our hero, blah, blah, blah.

I hate talking about myself.


So having to come up with paragraph long responses in a foreign language is not my slice of pie.

I don't like pie, anyways.