Thursday, September 27, 2012


This made my day:

Day #5

Happy World Tourism Day!

Day #5 Favorite memory.

In Kindergarten, we would get milk from the cafeteria to go with our daily snacks - and on Fridays, we were lucky enough to get CHOCOLATE milk.

Basically the best thing ever.

We also had a tradition of pushing in the corners of the carton so as to avoid "cutting" ourselves on accident. No, the teacher did not create this, we did. Because we were just cool like that. #hatersgonnahate #sorrynotsorry

And #sorrynotsorry if my posts are uber short.
When I feel inspiration, I will act on it as such.


Day #4

Day #4 What I did to(last)night.

For mutual, we had a service scavenger hunt, where we went around with a bag full of supplies and helped those around us. Our group washed cars, went to Target and returned carts, gave some chocolate to the dressing room lady, and even gave someone a Book of Mormon!

We are pretty awesome.

P.S. Gabby and I were with the deacons - how cute are they!


Day #3

Day #3 Cast from your favorite TV show

Unfortunately, there is no real career involving this branch of the sciences.


I would actually enjoy that.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Day #2

Happy Punctuation Day!

Day #2
Picture of me with my longest, closest friend

Meet Abby, my sister, bffl, and co-conspirator.
Been with me through it all. :)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day #1

Happy Restless Legs Awareness Day!

Day #1

1. I like fruit. A lot.
2. I like books. A lot.
3. I did and continue to love making up stories in my head.
4. I evaluate the attractiveness of a guy by how well they will age.
5. I have never watched a boring movie in school - aka I am easily entertained.
6. I switch my favorite music genre all the time.
7. My favorite color palette is best described as "bright pastels."
8. I loooovvveee when people play with my hair.
9. I am 5'9", grey eyes, and I have size 9 shoes.
10. I waited for both a Hogwarts letter and for the Polar Express, only to be disappointed.
11. Emma Watson is my idol.
12. Adam Young as well.
13. I am a huge Disney fan.
14. I pick up accents easily - as in, a Minnesotan accent or a Utah accent
15. I'm a Mormon.

Right now I am pretty happy:)
Life is good.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Parable of the Ripped Jeans

Once there was a young girl in a little home in a little town. She loved many things, playing with friends, doing her schoolwork, all things that little girls love to do. She was a careful child though, and never did anything too reckless or too rough. 

Despite her caution, she always managed to get a rip in the left pant leg of her jeans. Pair after pair would go rip! rip! and her once beautifully whole pants would be shabby, old clothes.

She grew frustrated of this, but she still needed to wear those ripped jeans anyway, even though they looked worn-down and uncared for.

After many years, this little girl discovered something truly miraculous: stores sold jeans with rips in them!

So, this little girl began buying jeans that already had little knee holes for her little legs, and felt much more confident in return.

For you see, the reason she had felt oh so uncomfortable with her old jeans is that she dreaded that rip! rip! and how what she thought were some plain pants, soon turned into something much different. 

Now, her new ripped jeans remained ripped, just as they should.


The moral of the story? It is all about making choices before they are made for you.

No matter how hard you wish, you are going to get a little rip in your jeans. Yet if you embrace it, buy the jeans with the little holes pre-made, you will be much happier.

Gettin' All Thinky

Happy Hobbit Day!
and Happy Almost-A-Month-Since-I-Last-Blogged Day!!

'Ello there!

Here is a brief update on La Vida de McCall:
- I am almost in my fourth week of school
- I am terribly upset at the cold weather
- The terrible weather has given me a cold
- I am in the school musical!

Trust me, it is much better than it sounds.
The songs are catchy, the story makes you think, and our choreography is killer.


"I want to be a thinker and a creator, not a reactor." -McCall

New mantra. Motto? (whatever it classifies as)

What is this little gem of philosophy, you may ask?

I want to think deeply, make choices that make me, and be one step ahead. I want to be unique by not basing my success or happiness on what I observe makes others happy. I want to be a whole new element, a new discovery on the periodic table. Simply McCall. Or the McCall I envision myself becoming.

Gee, I'm gettin' all thinky already.

To jumpstart my new school year, I haev accepted the 30-day photo challenge:

Sounds pretty easy, right?

What a nice, simple way to get to know me better and to keep me blogging.