Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sam I Am

Happy Loving Day!

Rollin' around at the speed of sound.
Got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow.
Can't stick around have to keep moving on.
Guess what lies ahead,
Only one way to find out.
Must keep on moving ahead. 
No time for guessing follow my plan instead.
Trusting me, what you can see.
Take my lead, i'll set you free.

Gah, I miss watching Gavin play video games so much. We had some real brother-sister bonding time, ya know, him whizzing away at the controls and me laying on the couch and watching the most intense free-time activity to ever take place.

He is pretty pro though. 

I am more of a spectator.

Now, without further ado, I am pleased to announce...

Drum roll please....

We are leaving for Utah tomorrow!
I have one load of laundry done, about 65 to go.

Kay, maybe that is an exaggeration.

Only 64.

"What if the Book of Mormon had been written by Dr. Seuss?"
Author: Unknown

Nephi: Of goodly parents I was born
I've never drunk, I've never sworn
This is Lehi, he's my dad
Laman, Lemuel, they are bad
And who is this? Why this is Sam
Yes, this is Sam;

Sam: Sam I am

Laman: That Sam I am, that Sam I am
I do not like that Sam I am

Sam: In a tent, my father dwelt

Laman: And it's so hot, I think I'll melt

Lemuel: Our father's brain is out of whack

Laman: Yeah, it's too hot, I'm going back

Lehi: Then go and get the plates my dear

Laman: On second thought, I'm staying here

Nephi: You said you'd leave and go away
Now all you want to do is stay?

Lemuel: That Nephi always gets his way

Laman: Here we are in this damp cave

Sam: We would not be here if you'd behave

Nephi: I will go and I will do
There's the angel, that's my cue
Laban's had too much to drink
Now he'll lose his head, I think

Nephi: Look what I found, a brother from the quorum

Sam: We will take him home, we will call him Zoram

Lemuel: Oh great, another pathetic life form

Laman: Our gold and silver we have spent
I do not like it in this tent

Lemuel: I cannot read the Liahona
I must have drunk too much Corona

Laman: We hate it here, we have no lives

Lehi: Then go back to the city and get some wives

Lehi: A tree, a tree, I see a tree
The fruit is white, the fruit is free
A floating building, could it be?
Why do they laugh and stare at me?

Laman, Lemuel, come and see

Laman: We will not eat your precious fruit

Lemuel: We will not wear a tie and suit

Laman: We will not help you build your boat

Lemuel: We do not think that it will float

Laman: No not this boat, it will not float
Not even in a shallow moat
I do not care what Nephi wrote

Lemuel: We will not eat your fruit I say

Laman: We will not eat it on a tray

Lemuel: And we won't eat it in a tent
Not even if your clothes you rent

Laman: We'd rather have a can of spam
L & L: We will not eat it, Sam I am

Sam: You do not like it, so you say
Try it, try it, and you may
Try it and you may I say

Laman: Sam, if you will let us be,
We will try it, you will see

L&L: Say, we like this fruit of life
Sorry that we caused such strife
You've saved us from an awful jam
Thank you, thank you, Sam I am


Monday, June 11, 2012


Happy Corn on the Cob Day!

Today, I attended half of the Spotlight Awards Ceremony held at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. Our school received "Outstanding" (a.k.a. the best honor) and so us costumers decided to support our actors! Unfortunately, it took two hours to get to intermission - and we don't love the arts that much, to stay for the second half.

We had a wonderful adventure navigating the concrete jungle and searching for the mystical path to return to our homeland, and to complete this perfect night out in the town, we ate at McDonalds. The classy one, of course.

Pretty much sums up my night.

And... still super pumped/nervous for EFY.

Thank goodness I'm over boys for now. It makes things so much less stressful. Honestly, I love em and all, but making the decision to just keep things simple has made my life so much easier. I am less self-conscious and I am better able to judge/appreciate qualities in my friends. 

Don't worry - I will play along at EFY with the whole C.O.W. ish, but I really am just happy to spend the week focusing on friends, not how cute this boy is, or how funny that one is.

Ha, and I am just so stinkin' creative. Last year, I concocted a new one: P.I.G.S. You see, your Crush Of the Week has to be someone in your company, or someone you get to know fairly well. But a Pretty Intense Guy is someone that you definitely wouldn't mind getting close to - give me a slice of that! It is for those cute boys that you see around campus but never get the opportunity to mingle with - the drool worthy specimens that wander these halls.

Enjoy your Monday!


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Happy Ride the Wind Day!

This week I am going to be a busy busy bee! Packing, flying, spending time with my mom's side, getting some last minute shopping done, exercising - hopefully I will find time to breathe! It is kind of nice though, seeing as I normally just sit my butt on the couch and tumblr all day.

I have some very sad news. Mi amiga was just dumped by her boyfriend. The poop. I don't blame him for wanting to end a relationship, that happens all the time, but he was being so odd the last week and it tore her up so badly. No one should cry that much - ever. It was simply a case of one day him being all lovey-dovey, and the next he would barely look at her. 

Grr. Boys are dumb and have cooties.

End of story.

Back to my summer plans, I am very pleased to share this EFY with Abby! It is her first EFY ever, so I am trying to be as helpful as I can - show her the ropes, ya know? If only we could room together, but she is too young to be with the 16+ group, and they place you in companies by general age groups. We will be in Provo, and that is THE BEST place to have EFY. Sorry, Minnesota.

It is so funny - at Minnesota, supposedly the food is #6 in the country, but I was sick of it on the second day. Also, the dorms were bad, the free time was limited (there was no freedom/nothing to do), the statues on campus were creepy, there was no air conditioning, and the classrooms were a wee bit small. But, you are able to keep the relationships you form, because most everyone there lives nearby, and you end up with a much larger network of friends. That is the only thing Minnesota has got going for itself right now.

I love how comfortable I feel at BYU. During free time, I felt at ease roaming the campus, while in Minnesota I felt as if I had to stay within a small zone - it is understandable, given that BYU is a Mormon campus, but nonetheless I prefer freedom to being limited.

So... uh yeah.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Happy National Running Day!


Happy VCR Day!


Happy Upsy Daisy Day!


Happy Donald Duck Day!

Summer is here! I am super duper happy, I finished the year with all A's and A-'s, and I have only three more days until we leave for Utah!

I am happy/sad. I wish I had more time to get into the routine of exercising and eating right before we leave, but I suppose it is good practice for me. Wish me luck.

Really I have no motivation whatsoever to blog right now.

Except I feel guilty for going four days without blogging.


Let the random posts continue!

I am not sure why, but Donald Duck always got on my nerves as a child. He was too childish and mean for me to really like him, I suppose.

I have and will always be a Mickey girl.

One of my friends Gabby has recently become obsessed with a t.v. show about werewolves. I can't remember the title, but I may need to check it out. Couldn't hurt...



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ha. Sorry

Happy Do Dah Day!

Officially the last week of school! I am so very content right now, I love this feeling.

Happy Hot Air Ballon Day!

Hola mis amigos! In Spanish class we had to create a video using medical terms and about a trip to the doctor's office - ours is pretty awesome. Please excuse the crappy editing, I was going to attempt using only production music, but I gave up on that quickly. So this video is an interesting mish-mash.
 Besides, I had to edit this alone.

I was elected to our Student Council! This was the most painless campaign ever - I didn't even need to present a speech. I'm very excited for next year now. 

Junior year, bring it on!

I really am terrible at goals.

Remember my plan to post everyday?

About that.

Ha. Sorry. 

And the past two days I have been latching my claws on every nugget of chocolate I can find. I am trying to excuse this behavior as hormones, but let's be honest: I'm just weak.

However, I am going to improve! This is an opportunity to strengthen my will, but through a "harmless" goal - to eat healthy. There will be no serious immediate consequences, so I think of my new plans as a tool to become stronger in the mental department.

I can do this!

In Life Fitness, we just watched a film about these regular, very unathletic folks, and how they were turned into Boston marathoners in nine months. One lady was 60, a man had AIDS, a woman was obese, and there was even a smoker who completed the race. It involved anywhere from 7-13 individuals - I can't quite remember, but each had a story and each improved dramatically.

Que loco!


Sunday, June 3, 2012


Happy National Pencil Day!

Everything is so beautiful.
Outside is beautiful.
People are beautiful.
Dirt is beautiful.
Homework is beautiful.
Plastic is beautiful.
Bugs are beautiful.

Everything is just so amazing.

Sorry. Just feelin' the love.

So, I am listening to Spotify right now and I am loving these songs:
The Sound of Settling by Death Cab for Cutie
Houdini by Foster the People

How do people become so... so...?


Happy Chimborazo Day!

What a week. Only four more days of school, and then I am done! 

Recently, these two things have been popping up: Hannah Montana songs and health. Even today, in YW, we had a lesson about the word of wisdom - brought to you by a body-building, personal trainer who happens to be in your ward.

She's pretty nifty.

My niece had her baby blessing today, so my dad flew out on Friday so he could be there. 

How crazy is that? My niece. I'm getting old. Geez.

Well, I am going to enjoy every second I can get, because I don't want to grow up anymore. When I was younger, that was all that I wished for, my biggest dream. I truly missed out on many experiences because I thought I was "too old" to do those kiddish things, although I really wanted to. Now, those cravings are gone, and I have decided to make the most of the time I have.

Besides, #YOLO


Friday, June 1, 2012

Awk Sitting

Happy National Go Barefoot Day!

Only four more days of school! Hallelujah! I already registered for my PSEO classes, so hopefully everything is set for next year!

Today was BEAUTIFUL outside, but my neighbor was preparing for her graduation party. Normally, Abby or I will just lay out on the deck on magical days like these, but I felt awkward sitting out there alone where they could see me. Phooey.

I'm excited for summer.