Wednesday, October 16, 2013

sister dates, part I

Happy National Feral Cat Day!

On Friday, I enjoyed Part I of my birthday present from Abby.





Basically, we were having enough fun to warrant Little Saul and the Breakingham Palace Crew.

Which, if you are well versed in the Phineas and Ferb world, you understand that we had a LOT of fun.

Our itinerary included a picnic, froyo from Sweet Toppings (aka the yummiest of the froyos), a lonngggg drive along random roads (while pretending we were on a roller coaster), a trip to Whole Foods, a lovely little walk, and playtime at a random park.

A lot of this day could be labeled as spontaneous adventuring, such as trying to find the furthest park, the strangest road, the most hipster food item at the grocery store.

It was crazy good.

 One of the three parks we went to ^

 My beautiful gem of a sister ^
(WARNING: the following pictures may be blurred due to the fact that they are action shots)

I'm a professional ^ 

This picture came about when we realized how epic everything looked upside down ^

Aannnnddddd then cliche pictures of the BEAUTIFUL sky. Look at that gold ^ 

The best part about these pictures is that I am much too lazy to edit, and so they represent the true beauty of that day.

I can't wait for our future dates!


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