Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Happy National Pizza-With-the-Works-Except-Anchovies Day!

Confession time:

I hate politics.

I hate needing to see the big picture, the small details, and the psychology of the entire world all at once. There are too many implications, too many relationships, and too many events for my little brain to handle. But at the same time, I love it. I love seeing the big picture, the small details, the psychology in life. I am fascinated with those areas, but for some reason the word "politics" is a major turn-off for me. I am enthralled with people, how & why we do what we do, where our problems lie, and what mistakes we keep making. I love analyzing situations and predicting the outcome of certain actions. I actually do love my government class that I am taking this semester, but the instant I see it in real time; when I hear a politician give an address, when I get a leaflet in the mail - I get a rush of emotions that are not that pretty.

I wonder if it is because politics aren't as romantic as I would like, or if it is because as a child I was surrounded with the general opinion that politics are icky.

On the romance side of it, I love intelligence. I love it when people are smart, when they can manipulate a situation to get a desired result, when they understand their peers well enough to find a connection. Not just a talent for kindness, but relations through intelligence. And in my ideal world, politicians are just that. Intelligent. And I'll admit, many are. But from there the romance stops. Their words seem empty and their charisma is too calculated. I sit here scratching my head, wondering how a system that is meant to be the heart and soul of America, our ability to have a say in our government, could be so terribly unattractive that from the time I can pronounce the silly word I already have the idea that it is something negative.

Now that I think about it, that is what I hate most. That something that is supposed to be revered, something that is meant to be a tool in our fight for freedom, is so casually abhorred and ridiculed. Even if it does get the respect it deserves, so many negative emotions are tied to politics. Anger, despair, resentment, pride - all are very powerful and very much laced within our political sphere.

I feel silly for blogging about politics, especially considering the fact that I know little to nothing. I guess I am just frustrated that I can't connect with something that has so many pieces that I love. As I said before, I love psychology, human relations, predicting and analyzing situations, etc. But in my head, politics are icky.

And it might stay that way for a while.

It helps when I see the regal side of politics - the genius that was required for the creation of our government, the skill used by those in positions of power to alter a society. But I am getting these juicy bits from a beginners' government course at the community college. Hopefully, after a time, I will be able to find an interest in today's politics.

I guess we'll see.


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