Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy National Sundae Day!

There is a power in three. The three musketeers, the three branches of government, the three times I just left the computer in the last five minutes to eat chocolate. Three is a pretty awesome number, and so I think that I want to start doing some THREEs. I am going to share three pictures, some with stories, some without. It's just a way to give a sneak peek about more in my life, without as much effort on my part.

Because I am all about the shortcut :)

On the 30th of October, there was the most beautiful fall day I have ever been blessed to see in my ENTIRE LIFE. I'm obsessed with fog, and so this misty day was pure heaven.

After my second performance of Guys & Dolls, I had some sweet carnations from some very sweet people. If you know the musical, you know the significance of the flower ;)

And this is just an old picture of my darling sister (you know, my best friend)


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